About Us

Hi there!  I’m Amber Nordstrom from the Pacific Northwest.  I have been married to My Man since September of 2008 and together, we are the proud parents of two busy boys!

I was introduced to therapeutic grade essential oils in November of 2011 and haven’t looked back!  Even though I grew up around the medical/dental world, my parents hardly ever gave me OTC drugs and prescriptions.  I have always been tough due to my high pain tolerance.

My childhood was great, but as a grown adult and mother, I am ecstatic to have a new way of life.  It’s the most amazing gift to have natural, safe and effective options for my children.  Our oldest boy has had high quality essential oils on him since he was 15 months old and boy #2 has had them since conception.  We use EOs every day to promote wellness, and then a little more frequently when we notice that something feels a little off.

It is my passion to empower individuals, especially moms, to obtain the tools needed to keep their families thriving all year long!  With ongoing education and sharing of these essential oils, I am confident that one day we will see a wellness advocate in every home.  I look forward to partnering with YOU on your journey to wellness and health!


Photo credit: Jenn Davenport

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