Welcome to Finding Balance!   Our hope is that we can connect with you so that you will be encouraged and empowered to find more balance in your day to day life.  We know just how crazy life can be at times.  Between owning a business and raising our two busy boys, we understand how it is hard to maintain balance with all that life throws at you!    Unfortunately most people are in the same boat, completely out of balance.  Yet there is an advantage that we, as a family have, that most don’t…  therapeutic grade essential oils.  Our goal is to bring an understanding of just how valuable these essential oils are and the impact that they can have on you and your family in a natural way without all the scary side effects.

So glad that you found us.  Please reach out and connect with us!  Here’s to an exciting new adventure that results in a healthier YOU!

Living Healthy,

The Nordstroms

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